Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I clean my windows?
Cleaning your windows once a year will protect the glass and window frames against damage from the elements.  However, we recommend having your windows cleaned twice a year to keep them looking good year round and well maintained.  For customers desiring more frequent service, we can provide quarterly and monthly service plans. 

Are the tracks and sills included in the window cleaning price?
Our window cleaning service includes a general wiping of the window tracks and sills, but for deeper cleaning an additional fee applies. 

Do I really need to have the interior windows cleaned?
Yes!  We strongly recommend both interior and exterior window cleaning, especially for new customers.   The interiors are often much dirtier than realized, so customers who have only the exteriors cleaned will notice smudges on the inside much more once the exteriors are cleaned.  Also, over-the-counter spray-on cleaners don’t work as well as our squeegee and soap, so non-professional cleaning on the interiors isn’t as thorough as our service. 

How far out are you scheduled?
We make every effort to complete work within one week.   However, in the busy summer months, we are occasionally booked out about two weeks.  We do recommend calling early if you need the windows cleaned before an event or specific date.

How do I prepare for the window cleaning service?
We request that you move any obstacles to the glass, such as knick-knacks, plants, small furniture.  If there is a large piece of furniture that needs to be moved, we can assist you with it. 

Do I need to remove my curtains or blinds?
We can usually work around them, but if there is a problem, we will discuss it with you.

What if rain is predicted for the day of my service?
We make every effort to complete all jobs as originally scheduled.  Because light rain does not impede the window washing process, it is unnecessary to postpone an appointment.  If you prefer to reschedule or if heavy rain occurs, we will work with you to reschedule the cleaning.

How far out are you scheduled?
Our calendar tends to be booked out 2-4 weeks, sometimes 6-8 weeks for the busiest times of year. We recommend calling as early as possible to get your preferred date.