Window Cleaning Services

Eric Braneki, cleaning windows!

Eric Branecki, owner of GutterPatrol & WindowShine, cleans your windows as if they were his own. 

Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


  • Washing of exterior glass and frames
  • Exterior window screens are removed and washed

Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning

  • Washing of exterior glass and frames
  • Washing of interior windows
  • General Cleaning of Track's*
  • General Cleaning of Interior and Exterior Sills*
  • Screens are removed and washed

*Heavily Soiled Tracks or Sills may require additional fee

These cleaning services are available for an additional fee:

  • Scraping of debris (when applicable*)
  • Mold removal
  • Hard water removal
  • Heavily soiled window tracks
  • Heavily soiled window sills
  • Fan blades
  • Light fixtures
  • Mirror cleaning
  • Lightbulb replacement

We are well educated in the issues that have arisen with tempered and heat-treated glass in recent years and will not scrape windows that are unsuited to this cleaning method.


GutterPatrol & WindowShine's window cleaning service will prevent staining and discoloration from sand, sea salt, dirt, pollen, fingerprints, dust, exhaust, and other airborne materials. If you choose to only have your windows cleaned once a year, late Spring or Summer will provide the best results. It is always best to have your gutters cleaned before having your windows washed! Call today for a quote!

GutterPatrol and WindowShine is part of the The National Window Cleaning Directory which connects local window cleaners with new clients, provides window cleaning business marketing tips and networking opportunities.

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